Catering services are such a critical part of the event industry in Calgary. From weddings and burials to baby showers and graduation ceremonies catering firms provide such essential services for both corporate and individual clients. These culinary professionals can whip up anything for you from perfect soufflé to 5-course meals. pricing is one of The big issues since if you put it too high, then it’ll be prohibitive but if set too low, then you’ll miss out on a good income. It is from this contrast that catering prices Calgary sought to strike a balance between quality and price through;


  • Studying the Various Pricing Options

Most of them, including catering prices calgary, either set the price per person or price per plate. Those who cater for large events resort to tier pricing. This just means reducing the cost when the plates or guests increase. In essence, they are simply helping you take advantage of economies of scale and bulk buying. In a nutshell, the pricing on the menu is often calculated as the cost of food times 3.


  • The Courses

This, alongside the choice of food served is such a critical determinant of pricing. The issue is whether The foods needed are readily available in outlets around Calgary or not. Many dishes tend to have multiple steps and servings resulting in more labor and longer hours. In such instances, they use custom pricing determined after setting the cost of food and added labor costs. The charge could also depend on the nature of courses as well as the servings.

  • When Calculating Through Labour

The cost of labor can also be used to determine the catering prices in Calgary. This includes the set up and preparation at The job site. Keep in mind that passing service, and sit-downs, requires more labor that a typical buffet. Sometimes they might also have contingency labor costs that may include getting extra hires or taking on unplanned work related to The catering. Overall labor is such a critical part of catering pricing.


  • Based On Competition

One of The easiest ways of setting up catering prices is by comparing with competitors. Let’s face it The market in Calgary is huge. However, you still have to be within reasonable margin if you are going to make a profit and get more repeat clients. Even then it’s still harder to emulate competitors since everyone has a unique quality or service and value proposition that they bring to the table.


  • Computing Your Break-Even Point

Sometimes they simply add up all the costs to determine at what point they are bale to break even. From this point on they set a price based on how much profit they want to make. This is one of The most practical means of setting prices. It allows each and every catering service provider to determine the catering prices based on their services and internal dynamics.


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